~ Eleiyah Navis, Team England. Gold Medal Champion, Bloch Dance World Cup 2016


~ Bloch Dance World Cup 2016


"I've had my shoes for a long, long time. My screw in the toe tap was lose, I replaced it with Tight Taps and works great!"

- Thomas


"During tap class a student was having trouble keeping a screw in her shoe. We replaced it with a red medium screw and it has been holding well! Thank you!" 

- Dance 10 - Sacramento, CA

Kris Capezio tap screw

"Received the Tight Taps order today and they worked like a charm! Thx soooo much!"

- Kris

Tight Taps screws were just what my daughter needed to repair her tap shoes. With a busy dance schedule she didn’t have time to worry about her taps falling out. When the first set of screws got lost in the mail, Jim was kind enough to send two replacement sets. Thanks to Tight Taps, she is back to dancing and we are grateful for the superb customer service!


"They fit perfect in the Balera shoes! They are nice and tight. I called around to cobblers, locally, and no one had screws that fit. It is great to know I have a place to go to." 

- Amy


~ Seth Pirnik

"Thanks so much for making Tight Taps! Your screws made my daughter's K360's last another season! :) We have recommended Tight Taps to others in our studio!"

- Kim and Emily



"Unfortunately the manufacturers taps put a hole in the sole. The red screw was amazing it made life so much easier and cheaper. Wish I had known about these amazing screws last year as I had to buy 2 pairs of leather shoes due to taps falling off."

Kind regards